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dc.contributorDepartament de Salut
dc.contributor.authorServei Català de la Salut. Gerència del Medicament
dc.identifier.citationServei Català de la Salut. Gerència del Medicament. Índex de qualitat de la prescripció farmacèutica (IQF). Versió 2022. Barcelona: Servei Català de la Salut; 2022.
dc.descriptionPharmaceutical Prescription Quality Index; IQF
dc.description.abstractThe 2021 Pharmaceutical Prescription Quality Index (IQF) consists of a battery of 21 indicators, one of which includes 5 sub-indicators, with specific improvement objectives for each of them and weighted according to their contribution. to the overall improvement of the quality of the pharmacological prescription. For this year 2021, the IQF applies to the areas of care management (AGA) and also to different lines of care: primary care teams (EAP) and specialized care providers (UP) - hospitals. The composition of the IQF, the distribution of points between indicators and the score of each indicator is specific to the AGAs and for each care line. Some of the IQF indicators described in this paper are also included in the specific IQF for Adult Mental Health Centers (CSMA). This year 2021, the composition of the specific IQF of the CSMA has been modified and a separate document has been prepared.
dc.publisherServei Català de la Salut
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
dc.subjectMedicaments - Assaigs clínics
dc.subjectMedicaments - Eficàcia
dc.subjectMedicaments - Prescripció
dc.subject.meshDrug Prescriptions
dc.subject.meshDrug Evaluation
dc.titleÍndex de qualitat de la prescripció farmacèutica (IQF). Versió 2022
dc.subject.decsprescripciones de medicamentos
dc.subject.decsevaluación de medicamentos

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