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dc.contributorDepartament de Salut
dc.contributor.authorGerència del Medicament
dc.identifier.citationGerència del Medicament. Seguretat en l’ús de medicaments: potencials incidències de prescripció. Barcelona: Servei Català de la Salut; 2021.
dc.descriptionMedications; Safety in use; Prescription incidents
dc.description.abstractThe safety indicator in the use of medicines is a CatSalut tool that is applied to the areas of healthcare management (AGA) and is designed with the following objectives: Identify potential prescribing incidents; Promote clinical review of the medication plan and Avoid medication-related safety issues. This indicator consists of a battery of 16 table table sub-indicators. In recent years, a single rate of potential prescription incidents has been calculated by adding up the total number of cases in each of the sub-indicators. This year 2021 the methodology has been modified and a synthetic index has been created that groups all the sub-indicators with specific improvement objectives for each of them and weighted according to the number of cases of each of them, the relevance of the security issue and the ability to work on resolving the incident.
dc.publisherServei Català de la Salut
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
dc.subjectMedicaments - Prescripció
dc.subjectMedicaments - Ús
dc.subject.meshDrug Prescriptions
dc.subject.meshMedication Systems
dc.titleSeguretat en l’ús de medicaments: potencials incidències de prescripció
dc.subject.decssistemas de medicación
dc.subject.decsprescripciones de medicamentos

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