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dc.contributorDepartament de Salut
dc.identifier.citationGuia de bones pràctiques agrícoles i de pràctiques correctes d’higiene per a la producció d’olives. 2a ed. Barcelona: Agència Catalana de Seguretat Alimentària; 2017.
dc.descriptionGood agricultural practices; Olive production; Hygiene requirements
dc.description.abstractThe cultivation of olive trees is part of the rural landscape of most of the regions of Catalonia and occupies some 115,000 hectares distributed by the most diverse places of our geography. Quality is one of the basic objectives of oil production in Catalonia, as shown by the 5 Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) that exist in our country. However, we must continue working to guarantee the quality and food safety of the oils that reach the consumer, beginning by adopting a series of practices on the farm that allow the production and harvest of quality olives but, at the same time, maintaining the cultivated olive groves in conditions respectful with the environment to meet the highest requirements of hygiene and food safety. In December 2017, a new edition of the guide was published. This new edition comes from the revision of the first edition, updating the regulations and the agronomic point of view according to today's approaches and technologies -including technological aspects of cultivation, good agricultural practices and conservation of the environment- and incorporating issues of the field of hygiene and food safety. Also, this version consists of a checklist that aims to be a tool to help in the implementation of the requirements of good hygienic practices on farms.
dc.publisherAgència Catalana de Seguretat Alimentària
dc.relation.isversionof2e ed.
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España
dc.subjectOlives - Indústria i comerç - Aspectes higiènics
dc.subjectAliments - Manipulació
dc.subjectOli d'oliva - Indústria i comerç - Aspectes higiènics
dc.subject.meshFood Hygiene
dc.subject.meshOlive Oil
dc.titleGuia de bones pràctiques agrícoles i de pràctiques correctes d’higiene per a la producció d’olives
dc.subject.decshigiene alimentaria
dc.subject.decsaceite de oliva

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